Q: What are probiotics?
A: Probiotics are live beneficial microorganisms that improve health by fortifying
the indigenous micro flora, or naturally existing beneficial microbes. Usually
consumed with food or supplement, probiotics can improve an organism's
resistance to disease and stimulate the immune system. By ingesting probiotics
regularly, it is possible to manipulate the composition of the intestinal micro flora
to ensure a healthy ecosystem and improve the benefits of the indigenous

Q: Why use probiotics?
A: The use of probiotics can enhance resistance to disease and sickness,
improve nutrient absorption, and stimulate the immune system.

Q: Should I check with my veterinarian before giving probiotics to my
A: No, probiotics are not prescribed drugs and can be given to pets without
consultation with veterinarians.

Q: What types of animals will benefit from probiotics?
A: Almost all types of livestock will improve with the use of probiotics. Mitomax
related probiotics have been designed specifically for dogs, cats, small animals,
fish, and birds.

Q: How do probiotics improve disease resistance?
A: Probiotics prevent disease by creating an environment that is unfavorable to

Q: How often do probiotics need to be administered?
A: To gain beneficial results, probiotics need to be taken on a daily basis.

Q: If I do not remember to feed probiotics to my pet regularly, will that
take away the effect if probiotics were not fed one day?
A: No, there will not be any significant effect if you forget to give probiotics one
day. However, to gain better results probiotics need to be taken on a daily basis.

Q: Do I need to double the dose of probiotics if I forget to feed them
one or two days?
A: No, that is not necessarily. If you forget to give the product one day not much
effect from probiotics will be taken away. To achieve the best results probiotics
need to be taken on a daily basis.

Q: Can pets get sick from using probiotics?
A: No, the microorganisms used in probiotics are the same nonpathogenic
strains found in the body, which means that they cannot cause disease.

Q: Will probiotics help prevent cancer?
A: Currently there have been no factual reports that probiotics help prevent

Q: Will probiotics help prevent skin problems? Hot spots?
A: Yes, if skin problems/hot spots are caused by digestive disorders.

Q: Will probiotics help my pet to live longer when taken on a regular
A: Probiotics are naturally beneficial microorganisms that will support digestive
system and enhance immune defense system of your pet and consequently
prolong its life.

Q: What is the difference between probiotics and antibiotics?
A: A problem with antibiotics is the possible emergence of “super bugs,” which
are resistant to the effects of the antibiotics and would make antibiotics useless
in protecting the health of animals. Because probiotics use microorganisms that
are naturally found in the body, there are no negative effects.

Q: Is it possible to use both probiotics and antibiotics together?
A: Yes, most antibiotics target gram-negative bacteria, which are different than
the gram-positive bacteria or yeast used in probiotics. As long as the antibodies
do not target the same bacteria or yeast used in probiotics, they should be

Q: Are there any side effects from an overdose of probiotics?
A: No, there have not been any reports of any side effect from taking more than

Q: Does the government approve probiotic products? FDA approval?
A 16: The products are classified as GRAS (General Regard as Safe Material)
by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q: Why should I invest the money on your probiotic products when my
pet is not ill or having problems?
A: Probiotics are naturally beneficial microorganisms that help to promote
happier and healthier life for your pet by enhancing its resistance to disease
and sickness, improving nutrient absorption, and stimulating the immune system.
Beneficial results become evident, even without a noticeable problem to treat.
Frequently Asked Questions about Probiotics
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