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  • Dog Shampoo Liquid

    Molly Sud's Brand
  • Comprised of a proprietary blend of plant-derived ingredients and purified water, Mollys Suds Dog Shampoo is gentle, moisturizing, and safe for all skin, hair and fur types. ┬áThe shampoo even helps to improve skin integrity, soothes itchy, irritated skin, and is gentle to sensitive and open skin, with the use of therapeutic grade organic peppermint and lavender essential oils. Formulated without the use of synthetic chemicals or foaming agents, which do not have any cleaning power, the shampoo does not create suds.

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*Fragrance and dye free
*100% Non-toxic
*Certified vegan

Purified water, coconut oil and other fatty acids derived from edible, seed bearing plants and trees, baking soda, pure vanilla, and essential oils of lavender and organic peppermint.

Sensitive Skin formulation dog shampoo:
Works with all skin and fur types
Promotes happy, healthy skin for your dog