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Georgia is a 13.4 year old female German Shepherd.  Since having surgery gastric torsion and a pexi reattaching  stomach, she has had troubles with her stomach (food not moving along). Symptoms have been not eating, diarrhea  or no elimination. She went on Tylan and Reglan which helped some, but it also made her throw up and didn’t always work.  More recently she was put on Metronidazole for terrible diarrhea and almost no controls.  She lost a great deal of weight, and I feared I would lose her.

Started with MitoMax®, Neutrogest and Multizyme and she has become so much better.  It took at least 2 plus weeks to totally get off the antibiotics and was still irregular (not  eliminating), but now she is like a NEW DOG and goes regularly and of course is eating so much better.  She feels better, has more energy, wants to do so much more that I am shocked (as she also has Degenerative Mylopathy and a heart problem) that she does the stairs alone, runs after the ball, and wants to go on walks. An amazing improvement, and I feel better too. I thank Dr. Lin for producing this product for dogs – it has saved our lives. Dr. Dym referred me to Dr. Lin for MitoMax®.  I am grateful for both doctors.
Anne, Pennsylvania