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Body Odor & Diarrhea

My lovely Mei-Mei, a 10-year-old, 70lbs female Doberman, suffered from light diarrhea, shedding fur, and strong body odor.  I tried different brands of dog food; none of them improved the situation.  My veterinarian did not give any prescription drugs since Mei-Mei is getting old, he did not want to irritate Mei-Mei’s sensitive digestive system even more.
Fortunately, my friend suggested the probiotic product – MitoMax® to me. Amazingly, in less than one week’s time, Mei-Mei recovered from the irritating symptoms, and the strong body odor gone almost the same time.  Because of MitoMax®, I can see that Mei-Mei is free of discomforts.  She is more welcomed than before to stay indoors and on bed as long as she wants.
Ida, Taiwan