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Christina Chambreau

MitoMax® is a powerful helpful probiotic which supports your animal in returning and keeping excellent digestive health. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are naturally found in human and animal gastrointestinal tracts. Scientific studies have proven that probiotics can help relieve stress, separation anxiety and digestive disorders: diarrhea, loose stool, and vomiting. What makes MitoMax®, MItoFish™ and MitoBird™ so effective compared to many other probiotics is its ability to live at high temperatures (no need to worry what happened during shipping), at low pH (makes it fine to put the powder in cat’s food as it will survive the pH of 1.0 in the cat’s stomach) and resists oxidation (long shelf life).

Two sibling kittens were having problems with chronic diarrhea. With homeopathic treatment there was improvement in many symptoms, but still some persistence of soft stools. With MitoMax®, the stools have been firm.

Christina Chambreau
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine