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Our miniature poodle Cheekie, has problems with her bowels since she was a puppy. She would have such problems with constipation that she would sometimes howl in pain as she tried to force stool out. I did try stool softeners like Benefiber or Metemucil but they either had added sugar or artificial sweetners. Since she would be ingesting these every day I didn’t want to keep her on these. Our holistic vet recommended MitoMax® and since she’s been on it she has not only not had problems with elimination she goes regularly a couple of times a day. And just like with humans, the shorter a time waste stays in the body the better. I’m happy to have finally found a product made just for animals that works so well.

I still keep telling everyone about MitoMax® for their pets. I ran out of it and picked up a probiotic in a pet store. Within a week our little dog’s anal glands filled up and had to be emptied, causing her discomfort. Instead of finishing that bottle of store bought probiotics, I started her right back on the MitoMax®. Her anal glands are fine again.
Patti, New Jersey