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Michael Dym

Every month I am inundated with an ever increasing number of nutritional supplements for our pets. I was initially somewhat skeptical about the use of just another probiotic, however in my 4 years of using the MitoMax® probiotic, both myself and my clients have been amazed at the clinical results and wellbeing of our pets.

What is unique about MitoMax® is not only the very high concentrations of beneficial microorganisms, but the packaging of these organisms to insure survival in an acidic digestive tract, as well as quality dosage delivery to where our pets need them-directly on the gastrointestinal lining.

I have used MitoMax® not only in overt signs of gastrointestinal upset such as diarrhea, loose stool, vomiting, excess flatulence,and constipation, but as part of my overall nutritional program to maintain optimal health and preventing future disease. Not only has digestive function and stool quality improved in treated pets, but clients have told me that their pets experience increased levels of playfulness and energy.

It has been said that diseases throughout the body start with an unhealthy digestive tract. Our pets’ bodies are under constant immune stress from antibiotic and pesticide residues in the food and environment, as well as often being over medicated with antibiotics, cortisone and non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.  I can’t think of a better weapon against
such stressors on the immune system in promoting health and wellbeing than Imagilin’s MitoMax® probiotic.

I enthusiastically recommend it to all veterinarians and pet owners as part of any preventative or therapeutic regimen.

Michael Dym
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine