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Vomiting & Body Odor

Inky, a very intelligent and special 8-year-old Dalmatian/Labrador/Beagle mix, has a weak digestive system. Ever time he goes outside, he pukes for a while before acting normally again. Obviously, this situation disgusts the entire family. One time, Inky started to puke in the house. Since he refused to go outside, we were forced to put him in the bathroom as we listened to our dismay that our lovely dog was puking for what seemed like an eternity.
When he finally stopped, the entire bathroom was covered with vomit and substances that we did not wish to recognize. The smell was unbearable. To add to our horror, Inky also began to have diarrhea everyday. Our veterinarian said that Inky had eaten too much grass and human food causing his digestive system to become weak. Because of Inky’s age, he would not give him prescribed drugs, which he feared would irritate Inky’s sensitive digestion system even more. We did not know how we could help. One day, I saw MitoMax® on the website and learned the benefits of probiotics. We decided to give it a try. After taking MitoMax®, we began to see a major improvement in our dog’s health. From the first day, Inky stopped puking and the diarrhea was at a minimum. Surprised and ecstatic, we continued to give Inky daily capsules of MitoMax®. One time, we stopped giving Inky MitoMax® for a week and he immediately went back to his puking and diarrhea stage. We immediately gave him MitoMax® and his health improved dramatically again. Without MitoMax®,Inky would be in great discomfort. Thanks to MitoMax®, we once again have a happy and healthy dog.
Teresa, West Virginia