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Vomiting & Diarrhea

In July, my 56-pound Eurasier, Czar, was 17 months old and had a recurring bout  with Demodex Mange.  I understood this to  be due to a compromised immune system. I decided to make whatever changes needed to ensure his health.  I did much research to learn about treatments, diets, and general health care.  I opted to veer  away from the allophonic route of poisonous dips, injections, etc..  June was the last month I used a monthly preventative spot-on flea medicine and preventative heart worm tablets.  In mid July, I donated his high-grade kibble to a local rescue organization and started feeding a homemade raw food diet for Czar and Valya (our 35 lb. 2 year old Chow/Mix).
Both dogs were doing quite well on the new raw food diet from the very start. After two weeks and a brief detox period, I could see many positive changes in both dogs.  However, Czar did have acute vomiting & diarrhea on two occasions an hour or two after his morning meal. The second time this occurred, I decided to seek advice from a homeopathic veterinarian.  During our discussion of Czar’s health concerns, one recommendation was to give Czar a probiotic. This vet had heard about one made specifically for dogs.  He felt this made much sense and recommended I try it.  He gave me the link to Imagilin to order MitoMax® and in late August, I started giving Czar 1 capsule twice a day and Valya 1 capsule a day. Since I have made the change to the dogs’ diet, stopped unnecessary treatments, and began the MitoMax® capsules, the dogs are MUCH happier and healthier. Before these changes, Czar often had diarrhea, worms, and coprophagia. Allopathic treatment for this had included de wormer poisons, antibiotics, and other medicines for digestion problems.  It is likely that these treatments contributed to his weakened immune system.  After 6 weeks on raw food and applying freshly squeezed lemon juice, Czar’s mange was gone!  Moreover, with the new diet and after being on the MitoMax® for approximately 6 weeks, he no longer suffers from diarrhea, worms, or coprophagia.  In addition, Czar and Valya have cleaner teeth, luxurious fur, and more energy than I can handle at times. They are truly much happier and healthier dogs.  

Maureen, New York